We understand that you got into your line of business because of your love of that business.  The staff at Shafer HR Solutions got into the human resources business for that same reason – our passion for human resources.  We will help you handle the regulatory compliance, payroll,  and other Human Resource related issues so you can get back to running your business  — and making money.

The Shafer HR Solutions staff will start by working with you to evaluate your Human Resource policies and procedures with a comprehensive Human Resources audit.  Where found, we will point out opportunities for improvement.

Laws and regulations governing business are constantly changing.  Shafer HR Solutions wants to help you stay in compliance.  We will update you when these laws and regulations change.  When you have a question concerning a new or revised law, you simply have to call Shafer HR Solutions and you will get a dedicated Human Resource professional ready to answer your question.

We can provide several cost-effective alternatives to help you meet your Human Resource challenges based upon the time you have to invest.


Catherine Barnes, SPHR, 865-292-1136, email: cbarnes@shaferinsurance.com