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We realize that you want to provide the best benefits you can for your employees. We also understand the important role benefit packages play in attracting new employees and keeping existing ones.

The Shafer Insurance Benefits staff will work with you to develop an exceptional benefit package that will include affordable Health Care coverage, as well as other benefits such as life insurance, accidental death, disability and dental insurance.

We begin by identifying your specific needs and goals.  We perform an industry analysis to show you what other companies in your industry are offering their employees and we will customize an affordable package that fits both your financial and coverage goals.

Ongoing service to you and your employees is the most vital part of what we offer at Shafer Insurance. Questions regarding insurance are common.  When you or one of your employees has a question, we are here to provide the answer.  We want your employees to be as satisfied with our services as you are.

Stay in compliance with our easy-to-read Legislative Briefs and guides.  Share resources and information by using your direct portal access to over 300,000 HR professionals nationwide.  Our HR-related articles, employee handbooks, employee communications, forms, and guides will keep you compliant with state and federal laws from all states.

Not all companies are the same – nor are benefit programs the same.  You should expect your advisor/broker to offer you services that are customized.  We will conduct employee meetings and provide printed materials in addition to offering electronic access to HR tools/information.  We are ready to partner with you.

Lisa Robinette, PHR (formerly Helton)-     865-292-1107